Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A fun thing to do with your Anime/Manga Club is to have a Cosplay can either just have the teens show up in their cosplay (costumes based on their favorite anime/manga character) or you can actually have a workshop and make pieces. I've never done that but it sounds fun. I always have to be very careful about insisting on the appropriateness of the costumes. They have a tendancy to be pretty racy, especially the girls, so I am very strict about how much skin is showing, etc. You can have prizes for the best costumes, you can take pictures, you can watch a film while everyone is wearing their costumes, you can eat pocky or fortune cookies or maybe just use pencil and paper and have the kids design future costumes. Have fun!


Lyla Grills said...

Your blog is great and I love your ideas. I run an Anime Club at a public library as well, and have come across the same thing- the clubbers wants to have food, crafts, and games as well as anime viewing. Everyone had wanted to do something with cosplay for a long time, so around Halloween I set up some supplies to make cosplay cat ears, thanks to the instructions in the book "Cosplay: Catgirls and other Critters" by Gerry Poulos. I bought cheap headbands and skull caps at Target and found some fur and felt and pink silk for the insides of the ears. It did require some hand sewing, which some of the guys and girls needed help with from me and others in the group. They turned out pretty neat!

Suzanne said...

It has taken me over a year to comment on this! That is great that you had such success! Headbands rock!