Thursday, December 18, 2008

Manga Swap

For the holidays my club wanted to do a Manga Swap and Holiday Party. I had sushi, egg rolls, crab rangoon, sweet and sour chicken and pork (obviously, this was more of an American Chinese party than an authentic Japanese party), Pocky, fortune cookies, and wasabi hot peas (which no one ate). I also gave out packages of chopsticks for prizes for wearing a costume and for winning at guitar hero (which was inexplicably played) and I had chopsticks for the kids too. For the Manga Swap we used the "left / right" Christmas story where you stand in a circle and give your item to the person to your left when you hear the word "left" and vice versa for the right. We could have re-written that story to have a manga theme, but I ran out of time. We had fun, although I spent a lot of money on food. Everyone was happy with the manga they ended up with.

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